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There is absolutely nothing like us in the market right now. We provide complete done for you service at a throwaway cost that includes creating your Mobile App, provide Cloud Hosting and also Maintain / Update the app.

Your Local Business App Here

We design, create and manage your business app.


Both iPhone and Android app included in cost.


Done for you service for all local businesses.


No Do-It-Yourself requiring lots of time and technical knowledge.


Cloud hosting for your app for lifetime.


Cost-effective update packages available.


NO UPFRONT PAYMENT – Pay Once App is Ready to go Live.


Your Local Business App will include the following features.

Click to Call

Allow customers to quickly call you with one tap.

Click to Message

Allow customers to quickly text you with one tap.

GPS Directions

Allow customers to find your business location direct from the app.

GPS Coupons

Provide GPS enabled coupons or deals to increase sales.

About Us Page

Show your customers who you are and build your brand.


Content Pages

Add industry specific content pages. This could be restaurant menus, real estate listings, professional services page or anything that is of interest to your customer.

Images and Videos

Provide your customers with an image gallery of your local business. You can add YouTube videos as well for more impact.

Blog RSS Integration

Got a blog? Integrate your blog RSS feed so that customers can read the latest posts direct from the app.


Contact / Lead Forms

Provide customers with simple forms that get delivered direct to your email. Add contact forms, lead generation forms, appointment request forms etc.

Now Send Unlimited Push Notifications to all app users for a nominal monthly fee – our push notification fees are one of the lowest in the industry. Contact us to learn more.

Why Apps?

Did you know you could be losing a lot of business and not even know about it?

Watch the following video to find out why having your own mobile app is perhaps the most essential marketing tool for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a fully managed service?

Yes it is absolutely a fully managed service. You as a local business owner do not need any kind of technical skills, time commitment or a huge budget to get your own business app. We do everything for you from design and creation, management and hosting of your mobile app with absolutely no recurring fees unless you want monthly updates or push notifications.

I have seen other Do-It Yourself App Builders. How is this different?

In Do-It Yourself app builders available online, firstly you need a considerable time commitment to go through the system, learn each module and then develop the app. At, we do everything for you. In fact we believe local business owners should concentrate on their own business and not have to worry about technical requirements.

As a matter of fact, our services are actually cheaper than most Do-It Yourself App Builders and you get to try for free as well.

Are there any recurring fees?

We charge a lifetime fee of US $199 for creating and hosting your local business app. There are no recurring charges whatsoever. We even provide you with 2 months of free updates – up to 3 updates per month. After that, if you need to get your app content updated, you can opt for our US $19.95 per month update package that can be cancelled anytime. We also offer a US $9.95 per month package if you need to send unlimited push notifications to your app users.

However, if you do not need regular updates or push notifications, your app shall remain live as long as we are in business with no charges whatsoever.

Do I need an Apple and Google developer account?

Getting an account with Apple and Google is recommended but not necessary. We would be happy to upload the apps using our own account. However, please remember if you have your own account then you get access to more features such as push messaging and will have greater control on the company name and description appearing on the app store. Otherwise our name ends up appearing as the app owners in the respective app stores.

Currently a developer account with Apple costs $99 per annum and with Google costs $25 lifetime.

What if I need customized features?

As you can imagine with such an insanely low lifetime cost, the apps we create have predefined layouts as well as features listed above. However, if you need a customized feature, please feel free to let us know and we shall get back to you with an appropriate quotation. Overall we have covered everything a local business would need in their app and is the best way to get started with your mobile marketing efforts.

Where are the apps hosted?

The apps are hosted on our own cloud servers. Hence you do not have to worry about a thing when it comes to managing your mobile app. We create the app on our cloud server and host it there as well.

Will you help in getting the apps approved from Apple and Google?

Yes we will. In fact once the app has been developed and approved by you, we will then personally contact Apple and Google and submit the app for approval. You do not need to do anything. If you use your own developer account with the respective platforms, you will have to give us access to them in order to upload the apps and get them approved.

Please note that usually Google Android apps get approved almost instantaneously while Apple takes about 2 weeks to approve an app. In case Apple has a problem with any feature or any aspect of the app, we can work with them to customize the iOS version of your app to get their approval.

Do you update the apps for us?

Yes we can update the app content for you. We do provide 3 months of free updates – up to 3 updates per month at no extra cost. After that, if you need to get your app content updated, you can opt for our US $19.95 per month update package that can be cancelled anytime.

Can we send push messages to our app users?

You can opt for our push notifications package that costs US $9.95 per month and send unlimited messages to your app users. Note you will need to have your own developer account with Apple and Google for push notifications to work properly.

Do you offer a free trial of your services?

Yes we do. In fact we do not charge any fees upfront. Just contact us to get started. We will then create the basic version of your app and give you a demo via your smart phone browser. After that you can pay our service fee if you wish to take your app live.

How do we pay for the service?

You can pay via PayPal or via any credit card.


Push Notifications

  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • iPhone + Android App Notifications
  • Cancel Anytime
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Monthly Updates

  • 3 content updates per month
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Cancel Anytime
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